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Eva Amurri Biography Current News Profile Boy Friend Husband Children Movies Relationships Twitter Imdb Family Facebook Myspace Pictures Wallpaper Online Video.Actress Eva Amurri, the oldest child of Susan Sarandon, married former soccer pro Kyle Martino on Saturday, People magazine reported.

The couple, engaged since December, tied the knot in Charleston, South Carolina. Sarandon and her former partner Tim Robbins, who helped raise Amurri, hosted the weekend's festivities.Officiating at the ceremony was Sister Helen Prejean, the nun portrayed by Sarandon in Robbins' 1995 film "Dead Man Walking." Amurri, 26, had a small role in the film, playing her mother's character as a child.
Amurri's film work has included roles in "The Banger Sister," "Saved!" and "The Life Before Her Eyes." Her father is Italian director Franco Amurri.

She has two half-brothers, Sarandon's sons with Robbins.Martino, 30, retired from Major League Soccer in 2008 and is now a soccer commentator. He and Amurri chose historic Charleston for their wedding because his parents live there.
Coming from a prominent Hollywood family, actress Eva Amurri could very well have enjoyed the fruits of her parents success without having pursued her own passions.
As the daughter of Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri ("De Grande", "Monkey Trouble") and actress Susan Sarandon, Amurri has spent a great deal of time on film sets-mainly with her mother and step-father, actor and director Tim Robbins. However, instead of acting like a child of privilege, Amurri grew up to be a smart, confident and talented actress who seemed content to follow her own path.
Born on the Ides of March, 1985, in New York City, it was immediately apparent that Amurri was a performer. At age 7, Amurri began appearing in small roles on projects in which her parents were part of, as well as in school productions. Her first on-screen appearance was in the political satire, "Bob Roberts" (1992), directed by step-dad Robbins. She then appeared in "Dead Man Walking" (1995), also directed by Robbins, and starring Sarandon in a role that won her the Oscar for Best Actress.
Amurri then showed up in "Anywhere But Here" (1999), a coming-of-age drama about a mother and daughter who move to Beverly Hills to start a new life, starring Sarandon and Natalie Portman. Another small part in "Earthly Possessions" (1999) rounded out Amurri's stint as a bit actress. From there it was all leading or supporting roles.
Amurri starred with her mom in "The Banger Sisters" (2002), playing Ginger, daughter to Sarandon's Lavinia, a one-time rock and roll groupie whose suburban life is turned upside down by old friend and fellow groupie, Suzette (Goldie Hawn).
The movie received warm reviews, but it was Amurri that scored many of the laughs as an overly privileged teenager. Amurri had another starring role in "Made-Up" (2004), a mockumentary satirizing the reality-TV makeover craze. She played Sara, an aspiring cosmologist and daughter of an aging actress, who wants to document her mom's radical makeover.
The movie received a small release, but once again, Amurri got kudos for an acting job well done. Amurri then started in the black comedy, "Saved!" (2004), co-starring Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin and Jena Malone.

Amurri played Cassandra, the lone Jewish girl at American Eagle Christian High School, and an exuberant rebel in a group of outsiders who just want to make it to graduation. Despite being on the verge of a star career à la Kate Hudson, Amurri instead has opted to attend college, yet another sign of her determination to be her own person.
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