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Stacy Schuler Biography Current News Profile Boy Friend Husband Children Movies Relationships Twitter Imdb Family Facebook Myspace Pictures Wallpaper Online Video.Stacy Schuler Latest Teacher Accused of Sex with Students.

The sexual battery trial of Cincinnati gym teacher Stacy Schuler is expected to conclude by late afternoon today. The 10-year Mason High School teacher plead insanity to the charges of providing alcohol and marijuana to five students before having sex with them on multiple occasions.
While the Schuler  case is making national new headlines, it is just one of many trials pertaining to Ohio teachers initiating sex with students over the past year. A majority of the felony charges were levied against female educators.
Stacy Schuler -- Cincinnati
The Cincinnati area athletic trainer and gym teachers plead not guilty due to insanity and opted to have the case heard by a judge instead of a jury. All five male students she allegedly engaged in sex acts with over the past year testified during the trial.
Several female students who claimed to be close friends with Schuler also took the stand to discuss her interactions with students. The female teacher faces multiple felony counts of sexual battery and misdemeanor charges relating to providing alcohol to minors. The prosecution offered semen samples matching the boys from Schuler's bed into evidence yesterday.
Cheryl Clark -- Logan County
The bowling coach and French teacher from Indian Lake High School pleaded no contest to sexual battery charges. Clark confessed to having sex with a teenage male student in her house on multiple occasions. The young man's mother grew suspicious after witnessing the teacher behave in a "too friendly" manner with her son at school. Clark was sentenced to a two-month jail sentence and listed on the sex offender registry.
Kristin Ostmann -- Cuyahoga County
The Olmsted Falls High School science teacher was indicted on sexual battery stemming from a physical relationship with a male student. A parent of a different student reported possible improper behavior by the teacher to local law enforcement. According to court reports, Ostmann engaged in sex with the student at a local Red Roof Inn on multiple occasions. Bond was set at $10,000 and she was to undergo an HIV test.

Kelly Covic -- Brunswick
The Edwards Middle School language arts and math teacher was indicted on multiple sexual misconduct charges relating to sex acts with two male students.

She was found guilty and sentenced to up to three years in prison and must register as a sexual offender. The school district also initiated investigations into three teachers who testified at the trial. The educators violated state law by not notifying administrators of Covic's statements to them about improper acts.

Aaron Turner -- Shauck
The Johnsonville Elementary School second-grade teachers was caught in an online undercover investigation aimed at trapping sexual predators. Turner was charged with attempted unlawful sexual conduct and the possession of criminal tools.

During the Internet chat, Turner agreed to meet the individuals he believed to be a 13-year-old boy and his father at the school after hours. Turner was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the trial.
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